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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee on the Run.....

In my department at work, my interactions include three of the most upbeat people you will meet. They are the kind of people that light up a room when they enter and I look forwarded to going through the day with them. They inspire me with their positive attitudes and humor! Sometimes when we are sharing stories during the day, the elements are so funny we break ourselves up.

One of my sunshine friends told me the cutest story yesterday that I thought I would share.

Mornings can present natural challenges for getting out the door and to work on time. When your challenges include a 60 minute commute and a 4 year old, every minute of the morning counts.

Forgetting about an early morning meeting, my friend proceeded to her workout ritual. When she suddenly realized her memory error,  she stopped her exercise and hastened to backtrack her routine at near light speed until she was heading toward the door to depart.

Crossing the kitchen to say her goodbyes she was met with a freshly buttered bagel and a hot pot of coffee. Her husband had made breakfast for her. Explaining her meeting memory loss, she thanked him, wrapped the bagel in a napkin and proceeded to leave.  They both eyed the coffee pot but she didn't want to take the time to search for a to-go cup.

By the time she put her key in the ignition, her husband had met her at the drivers side of the car, something in hand. "This was the largest coffee cup I could find," he said holding up a large pretty floral decorated ceramic 'cup'. "Honey," she smiled, "That's a vase!"

She smiled and took it anyway.

It was a sweet thought.....

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