New Realities of Motherhood

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why I am blogging?

Where did the idea to 'blog' come from? Fortune cookie? Bazooka gum wrapper? Internet Ad? The monotony of the work week was begging for something with substance. Maybe some creative repose?

One of my passions growing up was creative writing. I dream of being a published writer still today (its on my bucket list)- so this is a good way to get my brain engaged again. Maybe one step closer to that novel...

I guess the blog is in some respects a modern day diary too- only the kind you don't put your thoughts in and hide under the bed. Society is a very open forum today and 'reality TV' is proof that Big Brother is millions of viewers, not one nosy neighbor.

....Sorry I digressed. The monotony and the genius of a girl I work with are the reason for this blog. That and the fact that 1,700 feet of living space is going to seem strangely quiet and lonely in a few weeks when my teen goes off to college. A blog seemed to be the perfect place to address my coming life change and find a healing way to deal with it. And maybe other moms feeling the impeding gloom of an empty nest could find a place to share their thoughts with me. Maybe I can fill some of the nest's emptiness with the wisdom from friends. Birds of a feather flocking together.

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